Amazing Journeys Unlimited

4410 N Midkiff Rd Suite D1E, Midland, TX 79705, USA

The Basin's Most Beloved Trusted Advisor for all your Health and Wellness needs. I specialize in Chronic pain. Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Migraines, Neck and Shoulder pain, Stress, and Detoxification of the Body. I also help clients with attaining proper nutrition and weight loss goals. I don't want to earn everyone's business...just yours!

Find Amazing Journeys Unlimited inside Pro Source Hydration, Cryo & Rec.

Hours by Appointment

Pathways to Peace

60-90-120 Minute Treatments

Theraputic Massage
(works out knots without pain)

Deep Tissue Massage
(day 1 and 2 good kind of sore - day 3 no pain!)

Red L.E.D Medical Massage 
(F.D.A approved for injury to tendon or joints)

Prenatal Massage
(14+weeks - can relax on tummy with special equipment)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 
(after cool sculpting & fat freezing procedures)

Hot Stone Massage(includes manual manipulation - or not!)

Sports Massage
(you tell me what needs work - customized to your needs)

Spine Specialty Massage (work from hips to head only)

Reflexology Massage
(feet & hands get extra attention)

Swedish Massage(relaxation only - long soft gentle skin caresses)

Daydreamer's Delight Massage
(massage + 1/2 hour nap - extensive snoring encouraged)